Hill Country Chorale, Kerrville, Texas

About Us


The Hill Country Chorale, an entity of the Hill Country Vocal Arts Society, traces its origin to the 1970's and 80's when Sallie Ritch, followed by Dan Long and Betty Roe, conducted the informal group. The Chorus was inactive for a period until 2001, when Dr. Timothy Snyder reorganized the Chorus, which was granted status as a 501(c)(3) organization under the name Hill Country Vocal Arts Society.


The permanent mission as Kerrville's community chorus is to serve as a dynamic resource through which the vocal arts are introduced, networked, maintained and performed in the Texas Hill Country. The group works to enhance the community's fine arts program with the very best in choral concerts by volunteer singers, many of whom have formal voice training. In their past seasons, the Chorale has presented varied concerts ranging from classical to popular and patriotic music.

Hill Country Vocal Arts Society Board of Directors

  • President: Phyllis Aspinall
  • Vice-President:
  • Treasurer: Joan McMillan
  • Secretary: Laurence Honore-Armour
  • Immediate Past President:  Stephanie Ertel
  • Director: Whit Matteson
  • Director: Ann Kiecke Graphics Design
  • Director, Fundraising: Mark Nugent
  • Publicity: Kathy Massello
  • Librarian: Connie Townsend
  • Artistic Director: Claire Rabson
  • Technology: Tatum Land
  • Fun with Music: Phyllis Aspinall
  • Singer Contact: Julie Sentell
  • Websmith: Bob Davis